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Blast-Resistant 3Plex

Blast-Resistant Multi-Unit Complex

PSI Rating: 8 psi

Response Level: Medium Response

Exterior Nominal Dimensions: 36’ W x 40’ L x 11’ 9” H

Interior Square Footage: 1440 sq. ft.

Three 12’ (W) single modules are shipped separately and mechanically fastened on-site. Includes four (4) blast-resistant doors. Choose to have the modules stacked or side-by-side to meet your needs.


Each of our Blast-Resistant Multi-Unit Complexes are manufactured with:

  • Two (2) Exterior Doors (per building) with Panic Hardware
  • Complete Communications Package – Telephone and Data Connectivity
  • Non-Claustrophobic 8’ Suspended or Drop Ceilings
  • Emergency Exit Lighting
  • Fire Extinguisher at each door
  • Smoke/CO2 Detector
  • With or without built-in work stations
Standard Layout Features
  • Phone and Internet Connectivity
  • Insulation: Roof=R-27.2, Floor=R-25.2, Exterior Walls=R-19
  • Plywood sub-ceiling and seismic standard suspended ceiling

Engineering / Design Basis

  • Certified Standard Blast Rating of 8.0 PSI Free Field VCE Pressures
  • Duration of 200 Msec response n Medium Damage
  • Built in accordance with ASCE 2010 Publication “Design of Blast- Resistant Buildings in Petrochemical Facilities” Second Edition
  • API (American Petroleum Institute) RP 752 / 753 Compliant
  • Hunter Onsite meets International Building Codes
Electrical & Mechanical Details
  • Class I Division 2 External Electrical
  • Class I Division 2 Thermostatically Controlled HVAC
  • Low Leakage “Safe Haven” Dampers