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Blast-Resistant Restrooms

PSI Rating: 8 psi

Response Level: Medium Response

Exterior Nominal Dimensions: 12’ (W) x 40’ (L) x 11’ 9” (H)

Interior Square Footage: 480 sq. ft.

Our blast-resistant restrooms include separate space for men and women and feature sinks, toilets and urinals. Includes two (2) blast-resistant doors per building.


  • Separate restrooms spaces for men and women
  • Multiple toilet stalls and, in the men’s, urinals
  • Two blast-resistant doors per unit


Including a blast-resistant restroom inside a blast zone increases convenience for your workforce and reduces time spent leaving the area. As with all blast-resistant buildings from Hunter Onsite, these restrooms are engineered to intense specifications. They can withstand a blast of 8 psi with medium response.

Combine a restroom unit with other blast-resistant buildings such as a container office, permit building, or single module building to create a safe and convenient work area within a blast zone.