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Blast-Resistant Tool Crib

PSI Rating: 8 psi

Response Level: Medium Response

Exterior Nominal Dimensions: 12’ (W) x 40’ (L) x 11’ 9” (H)

Interior Square Footage: 480 sq. ft.

Rent a blast-resistant tool crib to keep your tools and other regularly used equipment close by in the blast zone.


  • Equipment Tool Racks: Organized storage for tools and equipment.
  • Ample Shelving: Provides additional space for organizing supplies.
  • HVAC system to keep the area cool and comfortable


Blast-resistant tool cribs maximize efficiency by having all necessary equipment, tools and parts readily accessible inside a blast zone. Blast-resistant tool cribs are designed and engineered for petrochemical facilities along with a variety of other applications. These tool cribs can withstand a blast of 8 psi with medium response. Use alongside a single module blast-resistant building, multi-unit complex, container office or storage containers.

When it comes to protecting tools and equipment, HUNTER is the #1 name in rentals of blast-resistant buildings (BRBs) in industrial areas, disaster preparedness and conflict zones.